Client Testimonials

I contacted Made By You because of a referral from my doula. I have no history of depression or health concerns in my family but I liked the idea of supporting my transition from pregnancy to motherhood with as much natural help as I could get. Placenta encapsulation seemed like a great fit for me. I was concerned I'd have some feelings of 'loss' from transitioning from a fast-paced corporate job to the different world of motherhood and wanted to help avoid depression any way I could, if possible. 

Erin was quick to respond to my inquiry, sent me information on how she encapsulated, what to expect, and what I needed to know about preparing the placenta ahead of time. When the time came for my labour, I texted Erin and let her know. She responded quickly and after my baby was born,the nurses put my placenta in the bags and cooler I provided. Erin came by the hospital the same day as the birth to pick it up. I heard from her again the very next day and confirmed that I would be at home. The placenta pills I wanted were delivered to my door. It was beautifully packaged and the cord keepsake was a lovely touch. We were able to pay by e-transfer which was very convenient and the price was very reasonable. 

I have taken the pills almost every day since the birth and I can say I feel great! I had one night of high emotion and my husband asked 'have you taken your pill today?' out of curiosity. I had not, I had forgotten! I am not a normally emotional person, so the extreme highs and lows of pregnancy hormones coming and going was a lot for me. I can truly say I believe the placenta pills have been a great addition to my transition and I will do this again for my next child.