My Experience

I first heard about placenta encapsulation through a friend. She had already done it and it had greatly enhanced her postpartum recovery. I wanted to learn more! I was about 7 months pregnant with my first child and was invited to a presentation on placenta encapsulation. I learned how it was typically prepared for ingestion and about all of the benefits commonly experienced by mothers. Although I went in with some skepticism and disbelief about people doing this, by the end of the presentation, I couldn't imagine not doing it. This sounded wonderful. Now, to tell my husband what I wanted to do. He was skeptical at first, but also interested. I explained about the benefits and the ease of how it is ingested. For him, anything that may help my postpartum recovery was worth considering. We agreed to get my placenta encapsulated.

Looking forward a couple of months, we had a beautiful home birth. We were now a family of 3! Our placenta encapsulator picked up my placenta and returned the capsules within 36 hours of the birth. I began taking them, as instructed. Life with our new son was a blur for those first few days and I was taking my capsules as per the instructions. Then, I missed a dose. Then another, and another. All of a sudden, after about 7 days, I had stopped taking my placenta capsules. I just forgot to keep taking them. I had learned at the presentation how ingesting the placenta can help with the effects of postpartum depression. At the time, I didn't think this applied to me as I had never experienced anything like depression. A few days after I stopped taking my capsules, I began to notice a feeling of gloominess and a loss of appetite. It is a feeling I can't really describe, just emptiness. It didn't take long for my husband to notice and to begin figuring out what was going on. He began to inquire about various things, one of which was if I was still taking my placenta capsules. I realized that I hadn't taken them in a few days and he gave me a dose. Within a day of resuming my capsule intake, I felt so much better. I felt like my regular self, despite my colicky baby. We were both amazed at how fast they worked and that they were making such a huge difference to my postpartum recovery. Amazing. I became an advocate for placenta encapsulation. And so did my husband!

When I was pregnant for the second time, there was no question about encapsulation. I began taking my capsules immediately after my birth and continued on for a few weeks. I tapered off slowly and monitored how I felt. With this experience, I noticed that taking my capsules increased my milk supply. After I stopped taking them regularly, I would take them each time I needed extra milk production for pumping. It typically worked for me within 24 hours. I again, was amazed at how effective ingesting my placenta was at regulating my body.

Now, I am 15 months postpartum and I still have capsules, frozen, from both of my births.I have read that they can help with the transition through menopause. I will save them for that. I am excited to see how my placenta capsules will assist me in that transition.

The postpartum period can be a stressful time and I believe mothers need all of the support available to them. I have met many mothers and read many accounts of women who have used placentophagy to ease them through the postpartum time. The human body is remarkable and I remain intrigued and delighted that we have a way to support the mothers body in this time of transition.

Erin, mother of 2 beautiful boys.